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Secateur Me Baby

Wave Plant Stake - Jade

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JADE. Textural, captivating, stone-like, and it's made from 100% recycled material. Let us explain.

JADE is an exploration into our excess materials; specifically our recycled plastic shavings. We hoarded over 5kg (two giant bags) over router shavings.

JADE has been salvaged from our lime & off-white colour ways. We melt the shavings in unison in a small oven, re-forming the recycled shavings back into a solid material. 

We granulate the newly formed discs (after melting) which creates our new colour way JADE. Through a process called extrusion (we liquify and melt the JADE granules) into our custom made mould by hand.Slight variations in colour and texture may occur from piece to piece. 

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